If you enjoy spending time in the garden, playing with the kids, or just enjoying the spring weather in your backyard, you know how much of a nuisance mosquitoes can be in Charlotte. Call now to schedule a free mosquito inspection with one of our friendly technicians.

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"Always a pleasure to be serviced by XX XX Control! Mosquitoes are such a
nuisance to myself as well as guests."

Rose K. Charlotte NC

Find the right outdoor protection for your family!

Do you love spending time outside, but are tired of dealing with itchy mosquito bites or
overactive fleas? We can help keep your family safe with comprehensive yard XX and
mosquito control.

SafeLawn Outdoor XX Control

Effectively and safely eliminates lawn and garden
XXs including ticks, fleas, ants, and mosquitoes!


Mosquito Control in Charlotte, NC

Are mosquitoes making it difficult to enjoy your yard? Charlotte is known as a home to financial banking, Panthers football, and our unofficial state bird: the mosquito. While we can't control what happens in the Bank of America Stadium, we can prevent mosquitoes from attacking your lawn. Our SafeLawn service package works to exterminate yard XXs at the source, and prevent their resurgence.

Why trust XX XX Control to eliminate your mosquito problem?

Our mosquito control services are completely safe

In addition to keeping your family protected from mosquito-borne diseases and itchy bites, we also make a point to ensure that all of our procedures are family safe and environmentally friendly. All of our Charlotte mosquito exterminators undergo thorough training programs and only use products that are approved as “reduced risk,” meaning they are less toxic than table salt.

We don't stop at mosquito control

Living in Charlotte means that mosquitoes aren’t the only XXs you want to keep your family safe from. Our SafeLawn yard XX control package combines mosquito control with protection from:

Relax knowing your family is protected!

To ensure your family isn’t exposed to disease-carrying bugs or insects, our exterminators follow a procedure that covers every single base. Expert identification means that we work to inspect every inch of your lawn to look for, and eliminate, any source that might be attractive to mosquitoes and other XXs that are quick to multiply. Once the source has been targeted, we move on to the barrier application. In addition to protecting you from adult yard XXs, our mosquito control also eliminates the possibility of future infestations through larval control.

Ready to defend your lawn? Contact us today to set up a free same day mosquito inspection!

Looking to protect your home?

In addition to our outdoor
XX control services,
we also offer:

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